Tri-tip (or bottom sirloin) is an incredibly delicious cut of beef. It isn’t a grilling cut though. Cook it fast, and you’ll be chewing for a long time! This one needs a low and slow reverse-sear (ideally on smoke) to bring the tenderness.

Time:  90 minutes (30 active)

Serves: 4


1kg tri-tip (bottom sirloin)
10g kosher salt
3g cracked black pepper


Sprinkle the salt evenly over all sides of the tri-tip and refrigerate overnight.

Preheat your cooker (ideally a smoker) to 110C.

Sprinkle the pepper evenly over all sides of the tri-tip.

Place the tri-tip on indirect heat, cooking until the internal temperature reaches 45C (about an hour).

Turn the cooker to maximum heat, cooking the tri-tip on direct heat for about five minutes per side until it reaches 55C. Remove from heat.

Slice the tri-tip in half in the long direction. Cut into slices in the other direction. Serve immediately.

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