When a friend posted his homemade burger with pickled fennel on Instagram, I instantly knew pickled fennel had to be added to the site. What could possibly go better with the outdoor dining, summer condiment theme? This is a quick pickle, intended to be kept refrigerated for up to a couple of weeks. It’s not a true pickling method you’d use for long-term storage or preservation. A batch won’t last long anyway.

Time: 10 minutes (plus pickling time)

Serves: 10


300g fennel – shaved (approx two large bulbs)
1 navel orange – thinly sliced
10g kosher salt
1g fresh ground black pepper
300ml apple cider vinegar


Place all ingredients except vinegar in a bowl and toss to combine.

Transfer to a one litre mason jar. Add vinegar to completely cover the fennel mixture. Cover, shake and refrigerate for 24 hours up to two weeks.

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