Beef tartare is an absolute delicacy and generally reserved for restaurant visits, yet it doesn’t have to be. I used tenderloin for this tartare, though any lean cut will do. For those concerned about eating raw beef, let’s clarify something: Harmful bacteria live on the outside of the muscle, not inside. This is why you don’t eat ground beef raw or undercooked, because the bacteria get mixed throughout when it’s ground. In this recipe, we salt and rinse the meat to make the outside safe. I strongly suggest using only grass-fed, ethically raised beef for this and not something from the supermarket via feedlot. Real meat tastes better and it’s better for you.

Time: 15 minutes (plus 60 minutes salting)

Serves: 8


400g beef tenderloin
2g kosher salt (plus salt to coat)
20g red onion – finely chopped
15g capers – drained and finely chopped
15g dijon mustard
10g flat-leaf parsley – finely chopped
10g Worcestershire sauce
1 free-run egg yolk



Lightly coat beef in salt and refrigerate for one hour. Rinse with cold running water and dry well.

Using a very sharp knife, finely chop beef.

Combine remaining ingredients and fold into beef using a spatula.

Plate in a disc using a ring mould if you have one. Make a small indentation in the centre and add the egg yolk.

Serve immediately.

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