Hot Sauce

When gifted a bag of garden fresh peppers, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to experiment with fermented pepper sauce. I’ve been fermenting a fair number of things lately including cucumbers (pickles) and tea (kombucha). The wonder that is fermentation completely changes the flavour, bringing depth and umami without added ingredients. I let this one ferment for three days, though you could certainly try longer.

I added xanthan gum to keep the sauce from separating and to add some body. If you haven’t got any, make the sauce without it and give it a shake before using. It’ll taste just as good!

Time: 15 minutes (plus fermentation time)


300g fresh hot peppers – stems removed
15g coarse salt
85g white vinegar
2g xanthan gum (optional)


Place the peppers and salt in a food processor and pulse until a rough puree is formed.

Pour the mixture into a 500ml mason jar, rest the lid on top and loosely fasten the ring. Let stand at room temperature for three days.

Transfer the sauce to a blender or food processor. Add the vinegar and blend until smooth.

If using, add the xanthan gum with the blender running.

Pour the sauce into a jar, seal and refrigerate.

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