I see too many friends spending ridiculous money on factory-made spice blends marketed specifically to the fitness community. You can make your own salt-free seasonings for a fraction of the cost and they taste far better. Not blending the salt in allows you to control how much and when to add it. For example, I often “dry brine” chicken pieces by generously salting them and placing them in the fridge uncovered for a few hours. You then sprinkle on the salt-free spices just before cooking. It’s is a technique used for southern BBQ and it’s fantastic. Here are a few blends that will serve you well. Oh, and jerk normally has some sugar in it. This one doesn’t. Adding something sweet to whatever dish you make with it is up to you.

Time: 5 minutes each

Taco Seasoning

40g chilli powder
10g ground cumin
10g paprika
6g black pepper
6g onion powder
6g garlic powder
4g ground oregano
2g cayenne or habanero pepper (optional)

Jerk Spice

20g onion powder
20g garlic powder
10g ginger powder
10g ground thyme
10g allspice
10g paprika
5g white pepper
5g ground cinnamon
4g ground nutmeg
3g cayenne or habanero powder

Cajun Seasoning

40g chilli powder
20g paprika
15g garlic powder
10g cayenne pepper
8g white pepper
8g black pepper


Combine ingredients in a small mason jar and shake to combine. For a finer product, blend in a coffee grinder.

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